Mental Chaos!

Whispering Shadows,


Accelerated heartbeat,


Rapid Nightmares,


Shocking disclosures,


Mental Chaos!




Video 4 week old LUNA

Video 4 week old LUNA

Luna is now exactly 2 months old, how time flies, she is now a big girl jumping around all over the place, a little wild and proud, absolutely taken after her mom Candy! Surprisngly she’s a semi punch more of a doll face (maybe its in her genes)

State of Mind – 32

In the state of nightmares….

Whilst standing in the window last night of my apartment I was thinking about people, all the people in the world. Thinking about their stories, their dreams, happiness and sorrow.

Best time of life is until we are toddlers, as we start growing up, everyone around starts questioning: who you are, what is your name, who do you love (perhaps we have to choose between parents then) and what do we wanna be when we grow up…

Hence we start dreaming…

We see a princess we want to grow up as one but do we really? We see planes and we want to fly, do we? Well some do… some don’t that’s where comes FATE!

We grow loving and hating, making dreams and than running in different directions all our lives chasing them… we chase happiness instead of happiness and dreams chasing us. I chose to stand on the other side and watch all those people pass by chasing their dreams, including those who held my hands in different times chasing their dreams, they moved on chasing theirs and I stand here in the state of nightmares!

Fate! Oh fate! what have you done to me!


Fate! Oh fate! what have you done to me!