They spent a few days out of the decades of their fully grown life, still growing… now stands between them is a silence and their parallel screaming worlds lay deaf before them. Inspite of the silence they are loud… too loud to deafening the conscience, feelings, love…madness. Numb! Like a parasite nibbling on the brain surface […]

La vie en rose

Alright, I have been badly and madly snowed under and  could not get time off to jot down my thoughts in peace – did not have words any ways! Louis Armstrong – Thank you!  Thanks one more time for ‘What a Wonderful World’, I smile with tears in my eyes!!!

Somebody That I Used to Know

I stopped filling up my diaries pages a long time back… almost stopped writing… trying to reconnect now but old habits don’t die easily… so when I lie down every night I write a journal in my head… I write reveries until I fall asleep… this song has been quiet a distraction. Somebody That I […]

Again ‘Untitled’

I again decided to concentrate and jot down my state of mind through words when intentionally or unintentionally I opened Youtube and started listening to music… a song which means a lot to me yet I have been deliberately avoiding… was right there… click… play… listened over and over again… and my phone rang waking […]

Isolated Freak.

Now I realize I am an isolated freak… or have become one… with or without choice since I am! As I speak of which  right now… for days, standing between parallel universe… it could be a fragment of my imagination until proven otherwise. If I had friends or someone to talk…but there are people…friends maybe… but talk […]

Lost In Oblivion!

Like a dead body she was in a state of decomposition every day. On the outside she stood strong but inside she was shallow… cancer of her hopelessness was brutally dragging her towards death. She was still not immune to the pain… nightmares and dark because she was always scared to confront her curse face to face. He […]