Lost In Oblivion!

Like a dead body she was in a state of decomposition every day. On the outside she stood strong but inside she was shallow… cancer of her hopelessness was brutally dragging her towards death. She was still not immune to the pain… nightmares and dark because she was always scared to confront her curse face to face. He […]


Chapter 1: All the chandeliers were as bright as the day she was born and the news echoed throughout the town, specially ordered black roses, heart cascade columns and beads added the beauty in the décor specially done for the evening, the beautiful silk tapestry was filled with the delights of exotic dishes, a great […]

Just Another Lady of Shalott

Chapter 1: Under tower and balcony, By garden-wall and gallery, A gleaming shape she floated by, Dead-pale between the houses high, Silent into Camelot. Out upon the wharfs they came, Knight and Burgher, Lord and Dame, And around the prow they read her name, The Lady of Shalott. Who is this? And what is here? […]