Stand or stumble it will follow you It feeds on your weakness, it nourishes on your innocence It will be there in the your light It will stay in the void of your very soul It will be your vision and your voice It will slowly take control You can’t hide You can’t run Devil […]


They spent a few days out of the decades of their fully grown life, still growing… now stands between them is a silence and their parallel screaming worlds lay deaf before them. Inspite of the silence they are loud… too loud to deafening the conscience, feelings, love…madness. Numb! Like a parasite nibbling on the brain surface […]

A Night!

It was not the first time when he offered her to drive around as much as she wanted but it was the first time when he told her to apply full force on accelerator, even though she was intoxicated. The speed, the trust, the fragrance and the encouragement was all she needed to shrug off a thousand worries […]

My Virtual Death!

She was strolling through her virtual world when  she saw ‘The Girl’… ‘she comes in different faces, still familiar every time’, she thought.  A very comfortable silence between them, virtual silence! As always The Girl was waiting for her and took her to a demolished building site, like ruins of ancient times, it was dark however she could see in the moonlight… […]

Into One!

Her mind was fusing while snuggling into her blanket and trying to keep warm slightly rubbing her hands on her arms and chest … still shivering bad. She remembered something and mustered up her last source of energy and tried to stretch her arm under the bed to find the matchbox she dropped when the power went out. It […]

Isolated Freak.

Now I realize I am an isolated freak… or have become one… with or without choice since I am! As I speak of which  right now… for days, standing between parallel universe… it could be a fragment of my imagination until proven otherwise. If I had friends or someone to talk…but there are people…friends maybe… but talk […]

Lost In Oblivion!

Like a dead body she was in a state of decomposition every day. On the outside she stood strong but inside she was shallow… cancer of her hopelessness was brutally dragging her towards death. She was still not immune to the pain… nightmares and dark because she was always scared to confront her curse face to face. He […]

My Rose

I retired from long day and prepared myself to sleep, not forgetting my rose, its fragrance, its warmth when am touching it, its uniqueness when I see it, it’s sweet taste on my lips when I kiss it……I kissed it once again before I retired in my bed and took one last look at it, […]