I decided to dedicate a few minutes every day to write about my state of mind, rationale behind was to ‘write’, guess I failed miserably and yes I also decided not to continue blogging for I was really sad about the unfortunate events happened back in those days. Phew… break! Wish it was rather easy […]

State of Mind 39

Last words are always a little prayer either for better life or better after life… my last words for the most amazingly beautiful kittens i remember when they were born and how excited I was… I would go and sit with them for hours…now they have just crossed over the rainbow bridge… and it’s unbelieveable… […]

Water Bearer!

Jab woh thakan se choor ho kar uss jang k khoon alood laashon se labrez maidan mein… Kuch zinda laashon ko pani pila ker… Larkharatey hoey qadmon se gir para… Uskey mashkeezey mein khud uskey apne liye… dou boondh pani key katrey bhi na thhey!