La vie en rose

Alright, I have been badly and madly snowed under and  could not get time off to jot down my thoughts in peace – did not have words any ways! Louis Armstrong – Thank you!  Thanks one more time for ‘What a Wonderful World’, I smile with tears in my eyes!!!

Somebody That I Used to Know

I stopped filling up my diaries pages a long time back… almost stopped writing… trying to reconnect now but old habits don’t die easily… so when I lie down every night I write a journal in my head… I write reveries until I fall asleep… this song has been quiet a distraction. Somebody That I […]

Again ‘Untitled’

I again decided to concentrate and jot down my state of mind through words when intentionally or unintentionally I opened Youtube and started listening to music… a song which means a lot to me yet I have been deliberately avoiding… was right there… click… play… listened over and over again… and my phone rang waking […]


while you are away my heart comes undone slowly unravels in a ball of yarn the devil collects it with a grin our love in a ball of yarn he’ll never return it so when you come back we’ll have to make new love