State of Mind 40

I decided to keep my thoughts to myself but today I will… i don’t know if I will ever write again… It’s been a year almost since I lost my life support, my job. Why do we work and who do we work for? I worked to survive and to support my family. I worked […]


I can’t believe I haven’t posted for months … well its been like mix of moods and events… its normal isn’t it?! Lost my Candy’s first born, Luna, perhaps ‘death’ is something I can’t deal with, easily…! The sun and moon are still there, so is the light 🙂

State Of Mind – 33

Blank! Happens when there’s so much on your mind and you are blank, completely. I am embarrassed for maybe in innocence or plain stupidity I could not set my priorities, maybe we think everyone is fair because we are fair, if everyone was fair the world would have been the best of planets of all to […]

State of Mind – 32

In the state of nightmares…. Whilst standing in the window last night of my apartment I was thinking about people, all the people in the world. Thinking about their stories, their dreams, happiness and sorrow. Best time of life is until we are toddlers, as we start growing up, everyone around starts questioning: who you […]

State Of Mind – 30

Disoriented! Yes I am… that’s why I have been unable to post any write ups lately… let alone paint. Ideas getting wasted, words flying all over… phew… Happy! I am happy on the other hand… I am happy with all the blessings along side tough times caused by buggers… its people who are miserable and […]


Detached! Sitting in the car… looking around… lost in oblivion… everything disappears except the obscurity. You feel the soft November breeze in your face but your eyes see nothing, your heart feels nothing. Honk – you open your eyes to the world, slowly the light appears, you see people, vehicles, noise and it starts growing […]