Lost In Oblivion

مجنون , Mad, … پاگل >>> I am!

”I don’t have the passion anymore, and so remember, it’s better to burn out than to fade away” >>> Yes not my words!

I often admire stories that look real… here you can not separate reality from fiction…


6 thoughts on “Lost In Oblivion

      • How about writing about these dark days? theres a story in there, there is always a story as for your passion to write it you got to write for the dustbin until you get yourself through it. Keep trying – change it up a bit, your routine that you normally use to write. Don’t give up, if you loved it once you will always wish you’d stuck with it.. 🙂

      • Thank you for being so generous and posting this meaningful and encouraging message, I really appreciate! I’m in a complicated state of mind fighting hopelessness and fears… Living in fantasy and reality simultaneously perhaps! Will definitely get my act together, thanx for the push 🙂 I guess we all need it at some point one way or another!

  1. Dear Lima,
    “… it’s better to burn out than to fade away … ” such powerful words. They contain beauty as well. I like them… every second day, when I’m not in that state. You made it to blogland, it’s a strong move. You have strength. Let yourself out through writing, doodling or what ever comes to your mind. Don’t let thoughts suppress your creativity. Don’t let thoughts claim your life. Conquer your space and take back your life. It’s your right. ♥

    • Dear Anette,
      Thank you for a very heart-warming & encouraging message. It has been difficult for me since I am more of a timid, insecure kind of a person to speak out loud, still I find it hard yet I am trying… for how long I am not sure… perhaps this quote denote who I have become… someone gave me a precious gift yesterday ‘A Mantra’, when I have such amazing gifts I will, hopefully, find a way through. Thank you for your gift 🙂
      Cheers x

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