State of Mind 39

Last words are always a little prayer either for better life or better after life… my last words for the most amazingly beautiful kittens i remember when they were born and how excited I was… I would go and sit with them for hours…now they have just crossed over the rainbow bridge… and it’s unbelieveable… They were 3 months old and I got them recently and had them at their mommies owners place… didn’t know they were left in balcony in a high rise… my heart can’t bear this loss… its my fault shouldn’t have left with them… now I can say I could have done this or that but now poor babies are gone and I’m left with these tears and sobbing… These wounds only grow…

I couldn’t do anything and you died… it is tragic and painful but still I believe GOD is merciful however I say much in anger and helplessness but I do hope he was kind and didn’t give you pain.. i hope that you are in a better place we call heavens. I hope and pray you get to play with Luna in the rainbows forever and she as your big sister will take care of you both babies… i can’t stop my tears from falling… its not easy to say good bye…


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